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How and why IndiCybus is here…

IndiCybus was started back in July 2015 by Sir KulinerNusantara. IndiCybus Project was the next generation of FSH-ID and Cybus wich had start before IndiCybus Project and it will replace them.

IndiCybus is a high performance and the most rich of feautre site. Made specifically for advanced user that work on Cyber security activity, IndiCybus has one thing in mind: speed and rich of feature.


What makes IndiCybus so fast? It's built with powerful framework. What makes IndiCybus rich of feature? It's built by awesome developer. IndiCybus will give you an amazing experience that you will not get anywhere.



Last updated:

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Commits : 10 commits

Meet The Developers

Awesome peoples behind the scene …

Sir KulinerNusantara


Head Project / Founder

Sir Yuki-Chan



Sir CodayTamvan